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Spirit Eco Health

Natural Sanitary Pads


About The Company

Spirit Eco Health, a private limited company, deals in Bamboo disposable Sanitary Pads, with presence in US and Australian market since 2019, India became the next destination to recall the forgotten ways of environment sustainability.

The co-workers, the sister-duo, Namita and Shivi, started using and creating organic alternatives for women in their community. They also started teaching women about how daily errands can be done in sustainable manner. Gradually the next generation started noticing and appreciating in the validity of conventional ways of daily life. The sisters have utmost passion to positively impact every woman's menstrual hygiene experience.

After two years of rigorous research in biodegradable materials, they concluded that bamboo/banana is better alternative to cotton. Another year went in manufacturing, sampling, testing and repeat. As a result, No Plastic, No Toxin, No Chemicals, Biodegradable sanitary pads are launched, eventually aiming for a product that is entirely sourced and manufactured in India. We aspire to make an Indian brand that surpasses the benchmarks of global market. At Spirit Eco Health, we strongly believe and pursue that women can bring the real change.

Spirit Eco Health cares for two:
Earth and You.


Women's Health

Modern human life of comfort is at the expense of our Earth. We are all familiar with the guilt of choosing convenience of single use, over the health of our Mother Earth.

Women's health products contribute greatly to the damage to our environment. One Sanitary napkin takes 400 years to decompose completely. So, we produced a sustainable alternative.


Women's Health

Sanitary Napkins are laden with harsh chemicals, such as Chlorine and Dioxins. Ordinary pads are uncomfortable - made of more than 50% plastic/polymer materials. They deposit unfriendly residues on your body after prolonged wear, causing rashes and infections to thousand of women all over the world. 


Complete Protection
Women's Health

Ordinary sanitary pads are prone to leakage. Alternatively, high performance choices are confusing to differentiate, unsustainably costly and even more uncomfortable to wear .That's why we guarantee complete tried-and-tested protection on all are pads.


About The Founders

The sister-duo and the co founders,

Namita and Shivi, are extremely passionate about environment.

They have inherited the technique of carrying out daily chores in a sustainable manner from their late mother like zero waste lifestyle is a second nature to them. Gradually the next generation started noticing and appreciating the validity of traditional ways of daily life, which is simply what the sisters were following.


They created organic health and beauty alternatives for their kids and women in their community. They designed all Spirit Eco Health products & items and still personally prepare every sample and order to ensure the best experience for customers.

They truly believe that it is the women who can bring the real change.
This venture is a tribute to their mother’s
Spirit in life,

so the name Spirit Eco Health”.

Miss you always Mumma!

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White Cotton Fabric

"The most absorbent pad I have ever used! Super comfy and doesn't get itchy like the other ones. Just like an ordinary pad but better."


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