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  • How do I discard my Spirit Pads?
    Eco Friendly Spirit pads and wrappers can be thrown directly into landfill/garbage bins, as usual, where Spirit Pads biodegrade within just a few months! The cardboard box can be disposed into a recycle bin.
  • Are these eco pads reusable?
    No, our pads are completely disposable. So you don't have to worry about cleaning your pads or the sticky long term wear!
  • Are these pads really biodegradable?
    Yes they are! All components of the pads and wrappers together are 90% biodegradable. The cardboard box packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • Who can use Spirit Eco Pads?
    All women can enjoy SpiritEco Pads! But they are particularly useful for : Maternity wear Heavy bleeds / problem periods Rash / allergy prone skin Climate concious women
  • Where do you deliver?
    We deliver within India. For delivery in Australia, go to Spirit Australia page for more information.
  • How long will delivery take?
    From our warehouse in Delhi, India, we personally ship all items within 1-2 business days. You can also order from Amazon by clicking here. Please reachout to us via our Contact Form if you have any questions or concerns and we can arrange special delivery for you.
  • Do you sell items in bulk/as a supplier?
    We definitely do! For larger orders, please fill up this Contact Form to send in your enquiries.
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