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Who are we

Spirit Eco Health is a small family business, a small team of driven members who believe in what they do. It is not a business but a thought, a value system that we are eager to take forward to other Indian ladies, girls, mothers and also to men who love the women in their lives.


We are all about the planet, holistic health and spirited empowered women. We run educational sessions on eco-friendly living to urban women, create awareness about hygiene in rural women, donate sanitary pads to those in need and if we get time from all this, we also sell biodegradable, natural sanitary pads to those who have heavy periods due to medical or non-medical reasons, to those suffering from rashes and allergies in 'that' area due to excessive moisture and uncomfortable plastic pads. The sale of the peroid pads helps us to run more sessions & talks, donate more pads and support more women.


We are small but we have made an impact in US and Australian market with our flag ship product. 


The Idea

When tragedy struck in 2020 and we lost our guiding light - our mother, that’s when sisters and co-workers, Namita and Shivi, tried to fill in the vacuum of the loss by following the principles she set for us. She had taught us to be strong, determined and happy women. She encouraged us to live up to our full potential, she empowered those around her as she was herself a leader and master of her own destiny. Following her principles seems like an aura of her around us, like she is right here among us, in our heart and soul.


We put her immense wisdom to practice by sharing the idea of holistic healthy lifestyles as a means to empower women around us. As we walked on the path, new opportunities came along as did the idea of eco-friendly sanitary pads, which can provide the same level of hygiene without the long-term cancerous side effects and ruining our precious planet. This was and will always be the perfect tribute to her.


How can you help

You can help us in our endeavour of running more awareness sessions and donating more sanitary pads by continuing to buy Spirit Pads. It helps us create a bigger impact. 

Team Spirit Eco Health

Namita Pandey

Team Spirit Eco Health India

Shivi Misra

Team Spirit Eco Health India

Matra Shakti! Pitra Shakti!

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