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Pros and Cons of using bamboo disposable sanitary pads

The modern lifestyle of human beings demands the sacrifice of many resources of our earth planet, which is certainly not a good sign for the long term. Thankfully, people are realizing the importance of organic product or natural products that not only benefits the earth but also a human being. The same goes for women-related products.

Have you ever heard about the bamboo disposable sanitary pad, which is environmentally friendly and gives you enough safety? If not, then we bring you detailed information about the pros and cons of these bamboo period pads. Many businesses tout how fantastic organic pads/tampons are because they contain no chemicals or chlorine bleach, but they rarely mention how different it is to use organic pads/tampons versus non-organic pads/tampons. Like every product has its own pros and cons, eco sanitary pads carry the same.

Let us have a look over the pros and cons of bamboo menstrual pads:


More absorption

Bamboo fiber has the capacity to absorb up to 40% more water than even the finest cotton. The bamboo fleece surface of attractive reusable eco sanitary pads keeps you dry, comfy, and leak-free.


Bamboo is a complete hypoallergenic, so you can wear it without having an allergic reaction. These pads are designed to relieve the heated itchiness that can be caused by plastic and cotton pads, even if you don't have sensitive skin.

Carry Antimicrobial Properties

Bamboo pads carry antimicrobial properties, so you don't have to worry about any side effects on your vaginal area.


Time to Soak

These bamboo sanitary napkins take time to wash and dry pads compared to conventional pads

Quite Expensive

These eco-friendly sanitary pads are quite expensive compared to other conventional pads.

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