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SPIRIT Organic Bamboo Heavy Period Sanitary Pads combine the modern technology with nature's power for ultimate comfort for teens and tweens, new mom during child birth periods, women suffering from heavy bleeding, rashes, allergies. Dioxin Free, unscented pads, combined with Anion Chip benefits, they are the Best Pads for Heavy Periods. 


What to expect: One box contains 10 individually wrapped Disposable Sanitary Napkins. 


  • Extra Care Pads  - 7 layers of absorbency
  • Non-woven super-soft upper layer
  • Extra Long and Extra Wide
  • XXXL 350 mm long, Ultra thin, XL Dual wings
  • Rash-free, DIOXIN-free, Plastic-free, Anion Chip 
  • Best Sanitary Pads for Heavy Flow in India
  • Bonus - Biodegradable & Organic
  • Approved by FDA, FSC & 100 OEKO TEX


Components: Bamboo fibre, Corn PLA, Cotton, Anion chip


Packaging & Manufacturing

  • Unbleached paper package
  • 100% recyclable box
  • Chemical-free manufacturing - Chlorine & Dioxin free!

Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pads. Extra Large Pads. Best Pads for Heavy Period.

SKU: 35
₹299.00 Regular Price
₹240.00Sale Price
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