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Organic Period Pads. Anti Bacterial Pads. Rash Free Pads

Reason 1 # Health Benefits

Spirit Sanitary Pads are natural, free from toxic chemicals & plastics for better long term vaginal health. Other pads have chemicals, toxic compounds which can cause cancer, infertility and other vaginal health issues by leeching into the delicate areas of the body. Anion Chip in Spirit Pads dispel harmful ions for bacteria free periods, reducing the likelihood of infections, rashes and allergies. Spirit Extra Care Pads are best for heavy flow in periods due to Endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroids, Hormonal issues.

Extra Care Pads and Maxi Pads from Spirit Eco Health


Reason 2 # Heavy Periods

Spirit Pads are the best pads for heavy flow and for avoiding rashes and allergies. They are maxi pads: extra-large, extra-wide, ultra-thin, dual wings & super sticky. XXL size, 40% absorption capacity, super-soft. They are perfect for maternity, post-partum, after childbirth needs, long travel, sport's needs & special events where you cannot choose what to wear and want the best protection from leakages and staining.

Natural Period Pads. Green Sanitary Pads.

Reason 3 # Environmental Benefits

Spirit Bamboo Pads biodegrade into the natural environment within 6 months of disposal as against 800 yrs for normal plastic pads. We do not use chemicals in manufacturing (OEKO-TEX certified) and source our material for pads and packaging only from FSC certified forests and resources. The packaging is 100% recyclable craft paper, the plastic used for wrapping & leak free layer is made of Corn 100% biodegradable. The cotton used in Spirit Pads is organic, no harmful chemicals thrown into our soil & environment growing that cotton.

Biodegradable Pads in India. Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads

Reason 4 # Bamboo

We chose Bamboo because it is good for you and better for the planet. Naturally hypoallergenic (no allergies), soft & gentle to soft skin even over a long period of time. More absorbent than cotton pads. It grows with much less water, resources & space in the forest and regrows over & over without much fuss. 

Spirit Eco Health supports Female empowerment and Women Education.

Reason 5 # Our Social Initiatives

We give back more than we receive from the society we live in. We support hundreds of women by donating Spirit Pads for organic eco-friendly hygiene. We regularly conduct educational sessions for rural women in feminine hygiene. We organize workshops for urban women in eco-conscious living. We fund & support female education and empowerment by donating a part of our profit to under-resourced schools in disadvantaged communities.

Sanitary Pads Combo Offers. Maternity Pads Online. Sanitary Pads Online Delivery

Reason 6 # Subscription Service

Our subscription service offers automatic & regular delivery of sanitary pads at your doorstep. Once you sign up for subscription service, we will send you a few packs periodically. Never run out of pads. The payment will go through automatically and rest assured, your details are super safe with us. Our website hosting platform operate as per world banking rules and do not share your credit or debit card details with us or anyone. 

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